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Over the years, Rotary Club Of Glenelg have been a positive factor in the Glenelg community. Initiating and getting involved with a host of programs and activities that has benefited the whole community. We are always out there looking for ways to help in our community.

Have a look below at some of the projects we are currently involved in.

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Rotary Club of Glenelg has partnered with the following Charities to achieve its Service Project goals

Supporting people in need

Working with Foodbank, they are now the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia. In July club members assist at collection points collecting food for the needy.


Supporting people in need

Working with Heart & Soul, club members regularly help out at the Free Food Markets that Heart and Soul organise for those in need.

Our Street Fam

Helping the Homeless

We are proud to work with Our Street Family Matters who provide home-cooked food, clothing, water, toiletries, and other essential items for those struggling to survive on the Streets of Adelaide.

Meals on Wheels

Delivering Meals

We have a weakly roster were some of our members assist Meals On Wheels deliver food to the elderly.


Helping Less fortunate children

We help with fund raisers for Back Pack For Kids. 


Helping Less fortunate children

We help with fund raisers for Kick Start For Kids. 


Helping Less fortunate children

Rumbling tummies is associated with FoodBank, we help collect food for children in need.

Our other Community projects are as follows:

Less Fortunate Kids2

Helping Less fortunate children

We do a Christmas gift drive, gathering Christmas gifts, food hampers and Christmas sacks for disadvantaged children.

Christmas pageant

Helping Glenelg 

Every Christmas RCOG supplies the Glenelg Christmas pageant  float. Along with the kids of Glenelg we make sure that father Christmas is safely brought home every year.

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