Donating & Sponsoring

We would appreciate any Donations you care to make to one of our projects or causes, it would also be appreciated if you could help us fund the Administration and ongoing cost of maintaining a viable Rotary club in Glenelg.  Please select your prefered option below, we appreciate your contribution.

What we do with your money

Over the years the Rotary Club Of Glenelg has had a history of Donating to & Sponsoring a host of International and local programs and projects. Not only do we annually donate to the Rotary Foundation to support international programs such as Polio Plus, we donate to Youth programs and various charities, organisations and individuals in need every year. We also use the donations to fund club projects.

Other funds are raised via our clubs fund raising activities and very generous donations from our club members.

Our Rotary club aims to be defined by outcomes and if our donations achieve an OUTCOME, then we know our donations was successful.

Sarah and Heather

Next Step...

Contact us if you want to know more.